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Luisa Hill
Created by Alexandra Luisa Hilverth.
designed for body and soul
I love to sleep. I love to just hang out and lounge at home. Especially in a pair of soft, snuggly pajamas. With a casual, comfortable cut and a fun pattern that makes me happy to look at and I don’t mind being seen in. Our patterns are small painted dreams, little gifts one might say, made to enjoy spending the night or even the day.
I had a mission. Everything from start to finish had to be from Austria. This is the country and the people I know, and I appreciate the quality of its’ craftsmanship and products. The fabric is made in Vorarlberg, Austria. It is printed in Tirol, Austria. Sewing is mastered in Vienna, the historic style metropolis of Austria.
My patterns and designs are inspired by friendships, magazines, clothing trends, jewelry boxes, films, theater, art, and my many journeys.
Fabrics are inspected, tested, sewn, washed repeatedly, and many sleep and snuggle hours are spent in them before our designs are offered to you.
Each individual process, from the production of our fabrics, to our many designs, and finally to the distribution of your garment, is all supervised by me personally with love and close attention to detail. I am proud to offer our pajama sets and nighties, these cozy partners for night or day, and I am sure you will love them as well.