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Pajamas and nighties
Luisa Hill Nightwear is designed to be your finest luxury snuggle partner for day or night.
Every material and process is MADE IN AUSTRIA.
Our patterns are a creative and whimsical collection from the colorful world of fashion. The designs are inspired by magazines, film, theater, the world of art and the designer’s many journeys.
Luisa Hill fabrics are the softest and most body caressing available, like a second skin, like being enveloped by clouds. A family business in Vorarlberg, Austria produces the luxurious jersey knit. The company is proud to have met the distinguished Global Organic Textile Standards.
Our fabrics are well thought through and thoroughly tested compositions:
   47% or 50% Modal    Modal is spun in Austria from native beech wood fibers. Modal is light as a feather. Its superior softness, combined with the natural origin, results in the highest quality material for exceptionally comfortable sleepwear.
   47% or 50% Cotton    Cotton and Modal are ideal partners. The organically produced cotton component guarantees comfort and absorbency at any temperature and for any skin type.
Our traditional textile printing facility is located in Tirol, Austria. It has been creating color and brush strokes with longstanding success, experience, and attention to the tiniest detail.
Our master tailors create each one-of-a-kind garment in the heart of Vienna, a city renowned for the highest standard of quality.
Each Luisa Hill garment is a unique piece, hand-sewn and quality checked to the minutest detail. Each pajama set or nightgown is one-of-a-kind; no two are ever the same.